Monday, 27 June 2011

Chaapa-Kurish - Based On 1000 True Stories

  • General Info
Chaappa-Kurish a slang word used for head or tail in Kochi.

The movie tells the story of two extreme personalities who are like the two diametrically opposite sides of the same coin, which get intertwined through a crucial event in their lives.

  • Plot Outline                                                                              
Every high has a low, every light casts a shadow. We live between such extremes spending our lifetime trying to figure out where we stand. But what happens when this comfort zone collapses and the two extremes meet face to face - head on?

Arjun & Ansari represent these two extremes of socioeconomic disparity in our society. When one prides to be on one extreme of the social order the other hides from all for being on the opposite extreme.

  • Dedications from
Direction & Story > Sameer Thahir

Sameer Thahir a Cinematographer who was responsible for the slick and stylish visuals in flicks like Big B and Daddy Cool, is turning director with Chaappa-Kurish.

Producer > Listin Stephen

Produced by Listin Stephen who earlier produced the pathbreaking movie Traffic.

Screenplay > Unni R & Sameer Thahir

Being written by Unni R who wrote dialogues for Amal Neerad's Big B and the script for Anwar Rasheed's cricitally acclaimed short film Bridge in the Kerala Cafe anthology.

Cinematography > Jomon T John

The film will feature debutante Jomon photographing with a motion picture camera.

Music > Rex Vijayan

Who is famous for his stints with the popular rock band Avial.

Studio > Magic Frames

The studio which Distributed the movie Traffic earlier this year.

Media Design > Papaya Media

Who people've already grabbed public attention with their designs for movies like Ore Kadal, Big B, Daddy Cool etc.

Genre > Thriller

That uses suspense, tension, and excitement as the main elements.

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